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At LANGA, we support you to work, connect and collaborate more easily and flexibly. Wherever possible, we foster flexible working arrangements to stimulate innovatative thinking.

Our values

Langa team is made up of unique people who together make the brand, the LANGA brand speaks of us, it is the result of the work of all its members. The good things they say are thanks to everyone and make us stronger. The bad things teach us to look for another way, and this is everyone's responsibility.


We own what we do, we take responsibility and we take ownership of our decisions.

Invent and simplify

As a leading company in the industry, we encourage innovation and invention. We also learn and accept that many of our innovations may not be understood by 100% of the market, but that does not stop us from inventing.


We search with good judgement for the optimal criterion by fighting against our own cognitive biases.


We are curious, we do not stop learning to be better every day, we investigate and explore new options and possibilities, we do not take everything for granted when we have achieved the goal, we cannot go further without learning.

Look for the best

Every person we hire, as well as every person we promote, must meet our expectations of what we consider good.

Insist on the highest standards

We demand and promote high quality products, services and processes, defective products are not sold.

Think big

Thinking small spells failure. We create and communicate bold direction that inspires results.

Taking risk

We act quickly. There are reversible decisions and actions that do not require exhaustive study. If we compete to be first, we have to strike first, and to do that we have to take risks.

Small action, big differences

We are efficient and austere, constraints activate our ingenuity, self-reliance and invention.

Build trust

We listen attentively, speak frankly and treat others with respect..


We act at all levels, stay connected to details, audit frequently and are sceptical when metrics differ.


We are obliged to respectfully challenge decisions when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting.


Deliver results: Despite setbacks, we must rise to the occasion and never settle for results.

Our priority, the customer

We work to gain and maintain the trust of our customers, they are our sole and fundamental concern.

Conoce al equipo de Langa

Carlos Alonso Gutiérrez
Director de Estudios y Proy...
Isidoro Martín González
Director Financiero
Carlos Mejías Anguita
Director de Calidad
Adolfo Algovia
Director Comercial
José Luis Langa Moro
José Luis
Director General
José Ignacio Langa Diaz
José Ig...
Responsable Ingeniería de P...
Alejandro Ortega Alcaraz

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Corporation Plant P001

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